The Hedgehogs – Registered Charity No 1092862

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The Hedgehogs Love Farnham 2021 Calendar 

Our thanks and appreciation go out to all who have purchased our 2021 Love Farnham Calendar and our apologies to any one that has been unable to do so, as we did not have as many printed as in normal times due to the Covid-19 restrictions and lock downs.

We will however be back  again next year with our 2022 Love Farnham Calendar, so please lookout for us. In the meantime, stay safe,  keep well and we wish you all,  A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.




Who we are …

We are a registered charity working for the benefit of the community of Farnham and its surrounding villages. Established in 1959 and unique to Farnham. We meet monthly and have a membership of around fifty people from all walks of life.

What we do …

We pride ourselves with our fund raising and our long standing success in organising fun and varied events such as the Annual Farnham Carnival, The ‘I love Farnham’ Calendar, Golf Day, Quiz Night (over 25 years plus), Motor Vehicle Events, Sponsored Swim (over 20 years Plus), Local Fayres and new for 2018 – The Frensham Sponsored Horse Ride and much more.

How we help …

Over the past 10 years we have raised over a £500,000 for charity. The organisation’s running costs are paid for by members and friends so that all of the charity funds raised are used for good causes.

Join us …

If you would like to join us or support our activities, please go to the Contact us page to arrange an informal get together with one of our members ‘helping local people in need’!

2021 final selection

Janet Hughes- Bourne Green in the snow.

Juian Paynter - Frensham Littlepond sunrise

Keith Lambert - Lockdown on Castle St.

Gordon England - Stormy skies over Caesar's Camp.

Clive Mumby - The Milky Way over Frensham Little Pond.

Jonathan Durham - St. Andrew's sunflowers.

David Wilcock - Cricket on Tilford Green.

Ian Newman - Farnham Heritage day at the castle.

Olivia Aylott - View from King's ridge.

Julian Paynter - Misty morning at the Maltings.

Kate Macro - Christmas lights on West St.

Team Hedgehogs

Since our inception we have continued to attract new members and associate supporters. If you would like to consider joining or supporting our activities we can arrange an informal get-together with one of our members who can give you a greater insight into our activities and the enormous satisfaction each Hedgehog gains from ‘helping local people in need’!

Salvatore Mezzullo



Peter Martindale



Steve Tilburn



Steve joined the Hedgehogs’ in 1999 and in 2008 agreed to take on the position of Treasurer. He’s not an accountant, just a simple engineer and happy to say that after handling in excess of £75,000 plus raised and distributed each year, the accounts always seem to balance!

Roger Hobbs

Social Secretary


Roger is a long term member who certainly knows the ropes. He’s a whirlwind of enthusiasm and ideas with which he keeps the diary full on both the social and fund raising fronts. Suffice to say there’s never a dull moment when he’s around and he can more often than not be seen in action at most events.

Howard Warner

Collections Co-ordinator


Howard’s Scottish granny taught him to look after the pennies, his English granny taught him to look after the pounds. So he is well qualified to be the Hedgehogs Collections Coordinator.