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Team Hedgehogs

Since our inception we have continued to attract new members and associate supporters. If you would like to consider joining or supporting our activities we can arrange an informal get-together with one of our members who can give you a greater insight into our activities and the enormous satisfaction each Hedgehog gains from ‘helping local people in need’!

Mike Dunkley



Clive Cook


Clive enjoys being Secretary of the Hedgehogs, compiling minutes, writing letters, emails and meeting with other organisations and individuals who request our help. His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the benefits of “Helping local people in need” where supported and provided by the Hedgehogs.


07772 642366

Steve Tilburn


Steve joined the Hedgehogs’ in 1999 and in 2008 agreed to take on the position of Treasurer. He’s not an accountant, just a simple engineer and happy to say that after handling in excess of £75,000 plus raised and distributed each year, the accounts always seem to balance!


01252 665243

Roger Hobbs

Social Secretary

Roger is a long term member who certainly knows the ropes. He’s a whirlwind of enthusiasm and ideas with which he keeps the diary full on both the social and fund raising fronts. Suffice to say there’s never a dull moment when he’s around and he can more often than not be seen in action at most events.


01252 719 661

Howard Warner

Collections Co-ordinator

Howard’s Scottish granny taught him to look after the pennies, his English granny taught him to look after the pounds. So he is well qualified to be the Hedgehogs Collections Coordinator.


01252 716300